pdf button

Click the “PDF” button to open a printable PDF version of your calendar (or run the “Calendar Utility Script” with the parameter “openPDF”).
viewed month

Interactive month view, before printing

printed month

Month view as printed from a PDF

This will automatically open your default web browser, and create a PDF of the current calendar view dynamically.


While this is a very useful feature for many of our users, there are some caveats to using it:

  • It does a pretty good job representing your current view as a printable document. However, it there are some stylistic differences that you will notice between your interactive calendar, and the printable version.
  • Currently, we only support a limited number of views to print.
    • Day
    • Month
    • Year
    • Resources (single-day view)
    • Year
  • If you need the ability to print other views, there may be other options available – either custom development or using another printing engine that uses a subscription model.
  • Please note: only Server-Powered Calendars can print to pdf