soSIMPLE and so fast

This calendar is fast. And soSIMPLE to use.

Download and start scheduling right away!

  • soSIMPLE now comes with a full calendar solution.
  • Use ours or roll your own.
  • Download here.

True Drag & Drop

Quickly change time, duration or resources by dragging around on your calendar, the way drag and drop was meant to feel – fluid and reactive.

Fast and Interactive

  • Work fluidly with your calendar.
  • No more waiting around for the calendar to load, or for an event to be updated.
  • Calendar updates asynchronously, so your script can keep on doing other things (Server-Powered mode).
  • Scalable and flexible.

Adjustable menus to navigate multiple views

  • Only show the views you want – don’t clutter your calendar with views you’ll never use.
  • Access to over 25 different views instantly.
  • Organize your menus
    • by length of time
    • by type of view.
    • single-click buttons for frequently used views
    • mix & match buttons and menus

Get some Perspective

Over 25 different views to help manage your schedule

Day, Week, Month, Year

Standard views and then some.


  • Organize your staff, rooms, trucks, equipment, etc.
  • Resources along the top / time of day along the left.
  • Unlimited resources – this is a scrollable view.
  • Unlimited multiple resources assigned to events.


  • Just like the resource view, but for a full week.
  • A birds-eye view of available resources a week at a time.

Dynamic Timelines

  • Work with your resources’ schedule across ANY length of time.
  • Resources along the left / time along the top.
  • Built-in timelines for day, week, month, and year.
  • Plus, a dynamically adjustable timeline for any length of time:
    • any # of days
    • any # of weeks
    • any # of months
    • any # of years

Map Scheduler

  • Visualize your schedule based on the locations of all of your events at once.
  • Built-in maps for a day, week, month and year.
  • Unique use of Google maps to help plan your schedule.
  • Great for scheduling work in the field, for installers and trucks.

Sortable Grids

  • Sometimes you just want to show a simple list of your events.
  • This list is sortable by description or date & time.
  • Built-in for a day, week, month, year, and all future events.

Weekly Agenda

  • Just like the old DayTimers.
  • Printable, too.

Free your calendar

You think soSIMPLE is a champ in FileMaker Pro. Wait until you take it out on the open road….

Same calendar ANY device

  • Use your soSIMPLE Calendar in FileMaker Pro,
  • Use it on your web site,
  • Give it to your sales reps on their smartphones,
  • Check it at home on your iPad.
  • Connected to your FileMaker Server, or standalone on your device.
  • Anywhere you need it, soSIMPLE delivers.

iPhone and any other smartphone

  • Give your road warriors easy access to their calendar.
  • Special interface for small screens, like iPhones.
  • Equally at home inside FileMaker Go, or living on its own in an Android web browser.
  • We’ve even made them web apps, so you can have an icon on your launcher to get right into your calendar, making it look just like a native app.

iPad and any other tablet

  • Drag & drop events using your tablet, too.
  • Quick-info palette gives you a snapshot of your event,
  • Works as a web app on your tablet, too, so you can add it to your desktop and hide the browser navigation, making your calendar work just like a real iOS or Android app.

Web Site with or without WebDirect

  • soSIMPLE is equally at home in your browser.
  • Give your sales people or your customers the ability to read and edit the calendar from any browser, anywhere.
  • That’s right – a fully editable calendar from any browser. The updates are all made automatically in real time.

Make it yours

Quick adjustments make it work the way you work.

Filter by anything

  • Dynamic filtering or fixed filtering.
  • Quick Filter just by editing the URL (server-powered feature)
  • Show only your own appointments.
  • Switch between different rooms, trucks, or other resources.

Rich text and images

  • Format text any way you’d like.
  • Add an image to the event – a lock icon for read-only events, or an airplane for travel.
  • soSIMPLE will take care of the line wrapping.

Rich text tooltips, too.

  • Even the tooltips can be customized with as much detail and clarity as you’d like.
  • Add images, links, formatting, you name it.

Color-code events

  • Identify important or related events immediately.
  • Show all John’s stuff in fuchsia, all Susan’s in teal.
  • It’s just a field in FileMaker.

Multi-day Events

  • Show banners for events past one day.
  • Keeps long events separate.

Read-only events

  • Read-only entire calendar or individual events
  • Just a field in FileMaker.
  • Some events just shouldn’t change.


No script triggers.

Events update automatically, asynchronously, in the background.

Great for multi-user calendars.

Cascade or Side-by-side

  • Overlap events or keep them side-by-side.
  • See conflicts quickly.

Quick change settings

Change look & feel on the fly.

Great for getting a new perspective.

Users can have their own preferences.

What’s happening right now?!

  • Quickly see what’s happening now.
  • An indicator moves throughout the day to show you current events.
  • Today is its own color.

Deep Customization

Deep customizations made easy.

Easy to change

  • soSIMPLE Calendar Settings is  the tool where you set up your calendar.
  • Field mapping, themes, layout, options, etc.
  • Hundreds of options to make your calendar not only robust, but extremely customizable.
  • All without any coding.

Completely Customizable

  • Make your calendar look the way you want, and behave the way you want.
  • From color and font, to height of your rows and what happens when you click & drag. It’s all under your control.
  • Advanced theme editor without having to know CSS

Pre-built themes

  • Get moving quickly with pre-built themes.
  • Just point to your data, and we’ll draw the calendar.
  • Choose glossy, flat, or rounded. Then customize them as much as you’d like.

Re-use Themes

Show your calendar different ways to different people.

Share themes and settings with another calendar.

Same data, different data, doesn’t matter.

Bring the party to you

Designed to be easily integrated into your own solution

5-minute Integration

  • Learn to quickly add a calendar to your solution
  • Add as many calendars as you want – one for due dates, another for production schedules, and another for sales calls
  • Server powered tutorial and standalone tutorial

Single Action Script

  • Anything you do in the calendar runs the same well-documented script:
    • new events
    • double-clicking events
    • moving events
    • deleting
  • Variables are automatically set with detailed information.
  • You decide what the script does:
    • Make the change without user interaction – that’s fine.
    • Open an event window to confirm changes – that’s good, too.
    • Run validation, build other events, whatever you’d like.

Powerful Event Filtering

  • Specify what events show in your calendar when you set up your calendar.
  • Dynamically filter your calendar further using a URL query string.
  • Virtually unlimited filtering control using an advanced server-side find script.
    • Refine or replace your found set
    • Change a global field that updates your resource list
    • Even use a virtual list

Flexible Resource Assignment

  • Resource lists are generated by standard FileMaker value lists.
  • Assign to an event by value name, or by foreign key.
    • Simple value lists
    • Multi-key values
    • Join tables

Endlessly Expandable

Bring it

Publish to iCal
Prefer to see your calendar in the built in Calendar app, or Outlook, or Google Calendar – you can subscribe to your calendar from iCal just by copying a URL. And it can be filtered the same way as the regular calendar, so you only share the events you want to see. (Server-Powered feature)

Subscribe to iCal
Maybe some of the events in your corporate calendar are important when your scheduling events for your department. Or the weather is important when you’re scheduling your tennis court. Subscribe to an iCal feed as easily as you subscribe to FileMaker data. (Server-Powered feature)

Server-side scripting
For web calendars (Server-Powered), whether it’s for validating data entry, or adding additional data, a server-side script in your database can be run every time an event is added or changed.

Custom fields for web site data-entry
Asking your salespeople or installers to enter specific information into your calendar on your web site? Why not give them the specific fields they need from FileMaker? Then you know you’re getting the information that you need. (Server-Powered feature)

Multiple data sources
Sometimes it’s not enough to know your sales people’s schedule – sometimes you need to overlay your deadlines for your jobs. Or your installers availability. You can overlay more data from the same table, another table, or a completely different file. You can even overlay iCal feeds. (Server-Powered feature)

Over 25 different Languages
Chances are we support your language. The months, days and interface elements automatically translate to your language. If you don’t see your language, we can add it for you.

Any Time Zone
Managing calendars in multiple time zones, this tool will work for you. Store the event times in FileMaker in UTC, and soSIMPLE will display them in the local time of whatever computer is being used.

Endlessly Customizable

soSIMPLE was designed so that you can add a robust scalable calendar to your solution, with a lot of flexibility, and without any coding. But sometimes you want to take it further – maybe a specific type of timeline, or multiple timelines; your own specialized drop-downs or validation on your server-side fields; maybe a custom workflow, or even a full soup-to-nuts FileMaker-based scheduling solution. We’re here to help. Allow our team of professional developers to work with you on creating your perfect calendar solution.