Transform your lists of events and schedules into a beautiful, manageable drag & drop calendar, just like you’re used to in Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Calendar. Only with way more features and flexibility.

Give new life to your FileMaker app.

  • One week timeline, filtered resources

  • One week “planner” view, skipping weekends, hiding calendar navigation

  • weekly agenda, dynamic settings

  • sortable “grid” view, in Calendar Settings tool

  • month view in FileMaker Pro, simple filters

  • printed month

  • Weekly planner, custom height, touch-enabled tooltip

  • Dynamic timeline, four weeks

  • Maps view

  • Maps view in Calendar Settings

  • Maps view, filtered resources, Paradise NV, hidden navigation

  • Week view, filtered, with multi-day event, calendar navigation

  • Planner view, full week, multiple resources per event

  • dropdown calendar navigation

  • dynamic timeline 14-days

  • Week View

  • Year View

  • Agenda View

  • Week view, custom tooltip, url filtering

  • Custom tooltips

  • Cascade or side-by-side

  • Simple color-coding

  • Single-day timeline

  • Embedded graphics, color coding, multi-day

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FileMaker Pro. Use right within your FileMaker Pro solution – just copy & paste.

FileMaker Go. Works great in FileMaker Go, too!

FileMaker WebDirect. Use your calendar right on your website, using our unique server-side async.

iCal. Subscribe to your FileMaker calendar right from Outlook, Google or Apple Calendar. And vice versa!

On any Device. On your smartphone or tablet, install as a web app, Specially designed templates for small screens.

Direct to Web. Share your calendar without using up WebDirect licenses. Just share the generated URL.

Set it up once, and use it everywhere.

One product: any device, any browser

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • on any smartphone
  • on any tablet
  • on your iPad
  • on your web site (WebDirect NOT required)
  • as an iCal subscription (NO extra cost!)
  • standalone, or with FileMaker Server
  • write once – deploy anywhere
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Deep customization made easy

Use our soSIMPLE Calendar Settings tool to change almost any setting in your calendar quickly and easily.

  • You choose what views are available to your customers. We have 25+ views to choose from. You can add all of them at once using drop-down menus, or you can choose just specific views that are important to you.
  • Edit your fonts, colors, borders, etc. without any knowledge of CSS, with our theme editor.
  • 30+ options can be set in our Calendar Settings tool. Everything from date format, to calendar start time, to creating a read-only calendar, all with a single option change.
  • Your FileMaker script runs in your solution – you do exactly what you want when a user interacts with the calendar.
More Features

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.41.31 PM

Really simple integration

Your choice: use our starter file to get you going, or embed a custom calendar into your own app.

Our 5-minute integration tutorial will show you how to integrate the calendar into your FileMaker solution

Use YOUR data tables, YOUR scripts, YOUR processes. You’re not tied to the starter solution we provide.

Completely Expandable

Most clients find they can do everything they need using the options we provide in the settings file.

If you have specialized needs beyond what’s been pre-built, we can add features and make changes usually with a little custom development.