What to expect from our Partnership?

We’re excited to begin working together. Here is the process we have implemented to insure that your new system benefits your company to its full potential:

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Always, of course, the first step to optimizing your business.

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FREE Consultation

We welcome you to invite us in to see your operations in person, and get to know you and how you work. We’ll go over your ideas, and give you some of ours.

FREE Estimate

Based on our consultation and follow-up conversations as needed, we put together a proposal with an estimate. Frequently we’ll go over various ways of accomplishing your goals, and compare costs and benefits for you. For larger projects, we break your proposal and estimate down into phases so you can see long in advance what the whole project is likely to cost.


Before beginning a project, we lock down the exact costs to create detailed Specifications for your project. For some larger projects, you may prefer to work on one phase at a time. In that case, the initial agreement would include only generating specifications for the first phase.

Generally, your first advance payment will be due at this time.

Detailed Specifications

This is where the rubber hits the road. You will get a detailed breakdown of how your project will be built. This is analogous to blueprints for a new house. It will include all the screens you will see, all the fields and calculations, and all the processes and routines that make your system work.

Generating specifications may involve several initial meetings with you and your team members and further breakdowns. Depending on the complexity of your proposal, it may be presented and modified several times before we arrive at the final specs.

For larger projects, the specifications may be limited to the first phase. This has a couple of advantages – it lets you break down payments as the system is implemented and it coaxes the development into an organic process, where we learn from each other as the system moves forward.

Develop in Phases

This step comes more quickly than you would think…

Your system is developed. We generally try to develop your new system in phases, installing as it is implemented. This is for the same reason that our Specifications are usually done in phases; it helps to get to know each other and how we operate as the system is implemented, capitalizing on the advantages of custom development.


As we are working on phases, and finishing the project, we are also checking in frequently with the people who use the system every day. This way we get an idea of what works well for you and what doesn’t, and enables us to make further recommendations.

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