soSIMPLE Calendar

The soSIMPLE Calendar file is a full featured calendar calendar solution built in FileMaker Pro using soSIMPLE Calendar technology.

soSIMPLE Calendar file features

  • Use in most places you can use soSIMPLE custom calendars:
    • FileMaker Pro on Mac or Windows
    • FileMaker Go on iPad and iPhone
    • Link to URL to use on the web
    • Standalone or powered by FileMaker Server
  • Customize and assign resources to events
  • Customize and assign categories to events
  • Limit visibility of events to assignee or specific individuals
  • Filter calendar by resource, category, assignee or keyword
  • Recurring events
  • Quick calendar settings adjustments from the sidebar
  • Complete customization of calendars from Calendar Settings file
  • Calendar printing
  • All the features of soSIMPLE Calendar