You can continue to use the iCal features without registering soSIMPLE Calendar. For all other uses, you will see a watermark on your calendar until you’ve registered the software.

You will also continue to see a watermark on your calendar when you are registered for one type of usage, but you’re trying out another type of usage. For example, if you purchased soSIMPLE Standalone Calendar, and you’ve created a calendar in Server-Powered mode.

If you need to re-register soSIMPLE Calendar Settings for any reason, choose “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings…” from the FileMaker Pro menu on the Mac, or the Edit menu on Windows. (or click the gear icon in the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings window). Then click ‘Register’.


Registration Name: When you purchased soSIMPLE Calendar, you entered a “Register To” name, and you received a registration code. It is important that the name be entered exactly as it appears when you entered it. Please hold on to this information. Relocating or re-installing FileMaker Server may require you to re-enter your registration information.

Registration Key: The code you’ve received determines the features available without a watermark. All features can be set up and used before you make your purchase. The watermark will continue to appear until you’ve entered a valid code for the features that you’re using.