Creating an Event

Click and drag on the calendar to create an event. The event detail window will open with the date and times where you placed the event on the calendar. (If you are in the Resource view, the resource will also be filled in.) On a phone, click the “+” button to create a new event.



event detail 1


Enter information about the event:

Event: This is the title that will appear on the calendar and in list views.

Date and time: The start date and time, the end date and time. An event may span multiple days. Instead of entering times, you may click “All day.”

Category: (Optional) You may edit the category value list and enter a category. This is useful for filtering the calendar.

Resources: Click to choose one or more resources for the event.

choose resource

The Resource and Timeline calendar views create separate columns or rows for resources. Resources are set up in Preferences. More about resources.

Notes: A scrolling field for whatever you’d like to enter.

Location: You can enter an address here. The map view will use it to display the event’s location.

Organizer: This will default to your name. The names on the drop-down come from the Staff Preferences.

Visible to: You can control which events are visible to a user. The options are:

  • Everyone
  • Selected users: A list will appear, choose the users who may see the event
  • Only me: Only the organizer may see the event

Color: Choose a color for the event as it displays on the calendar. You may also change the color of the text.

Editing an Event

Dragging on the calendar: You may change an event’s date and time by resizing it or dragging it to a different location on the calendar.

Editing the event details: You may double-click an event (or click Edit on the iPhone) to open the event detail window.

Recurring Events

You can create recurrences of your event. They remain linked, so that when you edit one of the events, you have the option of updating all future recurrences.

To create recurrences of the event:

Click the Recurrence button. Enter the recurrence options in the popover. You can specify either an end date or a number of recurrences.



If an event already has recurrences, clicking the Recurrence button will display a list of future events.

future recurrence


Click “Unlink this event” to unlink it from past and future recurrences. It will no longer be affected by changing an earlier occurrence or affect future recurrences.