Standalone ModeServer-Powered Mode

Can be used with:

  • Standalone copy of FileMaker Pro or Go.
  • Can also be used when shared Peer-to-Peer
  • and when used with FileMaker Server.
Requires FileMaker Server 12+
Requires FileMaker Pro 13v2 or greaterNew calendars require FileMaker Server 12 or greater (the soSIMPLE Calendar file requires FileMaker Pro 13 or greater)
Requires end-user to be using FileMaker Pro or FileMaker GoEnd-user can use calendar from

  • FileMaker Pro
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • Custom Web Publishing
  • Web App on your smartphone
  • Directly in your web browser on any device
Single data sourceUp to 11 data sources
FileMaker data source onlyIntegrate iCal data sources alongside your FileMaker data sources
Events are loaded on demand by running the “Export Data” scriptEvents are loaded onto the calendar automatically as each calendar date range is drawn
“Export Data” script controls all data filteringYou can filter data with:

  • URL filters
  • display calculation field, or
  • server-side advanced find script
Resources are assembled programmatically in the “Export Data” scriptResources are determined by a value list on the data source layout
Security privileges of end-user are observedSecurity privileges are defined in Data Source setup
Auto-update: Can automatically update events in the web viewer (or browser) without a script or other end-user implementation. Great for multiple users!
Provides an iCalendar data feed for Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Outlook, etc.
New Maps view (currently in beta)
Bottom Line:

If you don’t use FileMaker Server, or need a standalone calendar for your out-of-office users, this is an effective, fast, interactive calendar.


Bottom Line:

If you have FileMaker Server, this option requires an additional setup step (installing the PHP component). But once this is complete, you have much more flexibility and simpler integration.