There are several benefits to using Server-Powered mode, including the ability to use your calendar from any web browser or internet device. In order to use Server-Powered mode, you must first install the PHP components on your server.

Here’s how Server-Powered mode works:

  1. You assign the calendar URL to a web viewer (or view in a browser).
  2. As you make changes in your calendar, they are updated in your database either:
    1. automatically, using the server itself or
    2. by running the script “soSIMPLE Calendar Actions” in your solution.
  3. The web viewer is updated dynamically as you make changes.

Quick tip: In our example we use a script to get the URL – you don’t really need to use the setup script for this. You can also hardcode the calendar URL into your web viewer. The calendar URL never changes (except for additions you make to the query string). You can get the URL by clicking “Use in FileMaker Pro/Go” in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.

When you drag or double-click the calendar to create or edit an event, you have the choice of using a “Client-Side Script” or “Server-Side Async”. Client-Side Scripting is the same method used with in Standalone mode. The differences between the two Server-Powered update methods are explored here.