FileMaker Login

  • Database Name
    If your database is already open, select it from the drop-down list. Otherwise, choose “Open Database” to open it.
  • Calendar Fields Layout
    You can choose an existing layout, or or create a new one specifically for soSIMPLE Calendar. Your layout has to include all the fields you need. For optimal performance, it shouldn’t contain any fields you don’t need.
  • Username/Password
    ONLY REQUIRED FOR SERVER-POWERED MODE. Enter a user name as defined in your database.  The calendar will always fetch your events for the calendar using this user name, and will write data back to the server when you choose “Server-Side Async.”
    The user you choose needs to be assigned to a privilege set that has been enabled with PHP extended privileges. You can do this in your database by choosing File>Manage>Security and clicking Extended Privileges.
    Since soSIMPLE Calendar will only fetch events that this user has access to, you can use this as a filtering mechanism to show just particular records.
  • Server
    ONLY REQUIRED FOR SERVER-POWERED MODE. Usually you will just choose “Single Server.” In unusual circumstances you might want to access data from a different FileMaker Server. In those cases, you will overwrite the address with the IP address of your FileMaker Server’s Web Publishing Engine (WPE).