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Version 4.1

24 August 2020 4.11

  • filtered resources combined with dynamic resources filtering properly
  • sosimple_cal.php – fixed hostname so that REST can used FQDN.
  • fixed jump-to on weekly timeline
  • updated copy implementation steps for Windows users

8 June 2020 – 4.1 – download here

FileMaker 19 compatible

  • Added “fmp19://” url protocol to the options when integrating your calendar.
  • For FileMaker 19 users:
    • No longer requires any client plugins in FileMaker 19.
    • Changed “Update Event” script to use “Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer” script step instead of MBS functions in FileMaker 19.
    • No longer installs MBS when using FileMaker 19.
    • Installs BaseElements for developers using FileMaker 19 when copying script, steps, layout objects, and so on.
  • In order to continue to support earlier version of FileMaker Pro, we include BaseElements plugin for FileMaker 19 and a licensed version of MBS for prior versions. No need to download or install either one.

Version 4.0

4 May 2020 – 4.02 – download here

  • REST18 bug: Check fields for filters
  • &dynres= added to sample file
  • Registration is URL encoded

7 April 2020 – 4.01 – download here

  • “Copy Action script steps” didn’t always copy
  • REST18 – printPDF and custom field filtering didn’t always work
  • Encode parameters in action script calls
  • Phone layout – use “Edit” field for most calendar views, “Detail” field for selected event
  • External Data Source reference is copied scripts pointing to wrong server
  • Tooltip shows password in Data Source window

27 Feb 2020 – 4.00 – download here

  • Drag an event from anywhere instead of just top bar
  • Show error message window when loading data fails
  • Three new themes – a modern Material theme, light contrast and dark contrast.
  • New responsive menus for changing the views on all themes
  • Pick or customize FMP protocol – for iOS apps and fmp18://, for example
  • Optional Refresh button added to calendar interface – refresh events efficiently without coding
  • Optional Print button added to calendar interface – print views that support printing
  • Options “New Event” button added to calendar interface – Add new events without dragging.
  • Scrollable timeline – show longer timelines, keeping resource column static
  • Dynamic Resources – optionally show or hide resource columns when resources are not being utilized
  • Full FileMaker Data API for FileMaker Server 18 –  No more FileMaker CWP required.
  • Alternatively, update the calendar without touching network resources, using our *new* JSON functions
    • JSON update function built into the event update script. Pass a JSON object to the web viewer, and the calendar will update those events, leaving the others in place.
    • Navigating the calendar (changing the date or the view) will optionally run the soSIMPLE Action Script with necessary variables ($date_start, $date_from and $view) to load events using the new JSON update function.
  • Secure login for web users – when Account or Password is missing from the Data Source, you will prompted for the password when the calendar loads
  • Allow spaces, periods, colons, etc., in URL query strings (search related fields/portals just from the URL, for example).
  • Print button only appears on supported layouts:  day, week, month, year, resource, weekly agenda (timelines are no longer printable in this version)
  • Add soSIMPLE Version # to soSIMPLE codebase for support purposes.
  • Updated UI for settings & sample file
  • Many, many optimizations within soSIMPLE codebase and within the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings file.

Version 3.9

11 Sept 2019 – 3.93 – download here

Included fmREST library for FM18 Server compatibility.

24 June 2019 – 3.92

  • Updated MBS to 9.2, required for FileMaker 18
  • Fix: Value lists on location or custom fields break the code when there is no resource field
  • Upgrade to mobile code to latest 6.2.0
  • Back-button occasionally not working on mobile interface
  • Update QuickInfo date format and edit button.

19 February 2019 – 3.91 – refresh with “NaN” briefly showing on calendar. MBS registration fixed to only register once.

12 December 2018 – v3.9

  • Smartphone version base code updated to latest
  • Smartphone bug affecting navigation & creating new events on iOS devices – buttons run twice
  • Smartphone scales button bar to correct width for iPhone
  • Smartphone includes override file features same as desktop.
  • Double-data source requests bug fixed
  • Startup bugs fixed in Settings file
    • registration now works during startup
    • no longer receive error when logging in with your own password
    • standalone able to register in FM17
    • changed terminology for Launch Center
  • MBS updated to 8.5
  • Calendar starter file: include unscheduled tasks for standalone export scripts

Version 3.8

10 September 2018 – v3.83 – download here

  • “Hide Weekends” now applies to new weekly column view
  • Add theme options for unscheduled events
  • Add scripts to REST functionality
  • Now included updated cacart.pem file (updated certificate public keys)
  • Security: SSL Verify host on iCal feeds
  • MBS 8.3
  • Timeout on standalone export script when file isn’t open

16 July 2018 – v3.82 – updated to MBS 8.2

13 June 2018

  • Updated Data API to work with FileMaker 17
  • Updated optional MBS plugin to v8.0
  • Fixed registration bug at startup.


Version 3.73

10 May 2018 – download here

  • 3.71 broke the smartphone calendar. Removed offending code.
  • removed Guest access. tightened login security.
  • fixed: double-clicking events with multiple resources assigned, creates a new event instead.
  • update locales – some extended characters didn’t show properly.
  • Update text for “single server’ data sources.
  • New cookies feature sending second request to data processor and a bad date to Advanced Find Script (“NaN/NaN/NaN”).


Version 3.7

31 January 2018 – download here

New Features:

  • Drag & drop unscheduled events
  • Keyboard navigation and cut & paste
  • Week column view
  • State memory – stores date and view in cookies so hash tags are now optional

Updated features:

  • iCal overnights show as multi-day now (requires full download and replace PHP files)
  • PDF printouts capable of adding title and custom header text (requires full download and replace PHP files)
  • Refresh single event – update, create & delete, Server-Side Async and Client-Side Scripting
  • Fixed: Deleted events not clearing from the calendar until refresh
  • Make “Single Server” in data source use host name, not ip address (like
  • Changed new password on Settings file to not show an error at login
  • Mobile scroll fixed
  • Update codebase to 4.4.9
  • Latest fmREST.php class from

Changes to “soSIMPLE Calendar” starter file (all changes require a full download and replace starter file):

  • Add new fields  – unscheduled, height
  • Add &ev_dur example to sample file
  • Updated Action Script and field with new fields
  • Example settings in Calendar Settings include new fields and settings
  • Action script – set event_location to trim event_location instead of trim lng – (done in earlier release)


Version 3.6

9 May 2017 – download here

New Features:

  • Addition of FileMaker REST calls (FMS16 Data API Trial)
  • New URL adjustment: “&ev_dur=” to include duration using single-click
  • Timeline week & month support of hide weekends


  • Optimize data script for fewest calls to FMS
  • Only call twice for foundset, thrice when no records are found, but advanced find scripting is used. (instead of thrice always).
  • Call value lists from existing data load when possible
  • Don’t call value lists on individual event updates
  • Server-side updates & deletes based on passed recordid (remove additional server-side call to retrieve recordID)
  • Resources saved in local variable when date changes – not re-looked up from server.
  • Value Lists for Custom fields used in Web forms saved in local variable too.


  • refresh on some screens by pulling down (mobile)
  • added back Delete button for custom fields on layout for server-side smartphone
  • webix.Date.startOnMonday = scheduler.config.start_on_monday;


  • added back in Delete icon ability in client mode
  • Week view bug – if no button assigned for current view, calendar fails

Update to MBS 7.2, limited license key to just clipboard and run JS in webviewer functions.

NOTE: Version 3.6 or greater is required:

  • when using FileMaker 16 or greater
  • on the Mac platform
  • if you are using MBS functions (i.e. updating single events with a script call) AND
  • you are using our provided copy of MBS and not your own

Version 3.5

24 January 2017 – v3.55 – default config changed to set iCal feeds to local time instead of UTC – download here
3 December 2016 – v3.51 – Download from our download page
(or use live update from v3.5)

  • Mobile: moved toolbar templates above fold to allow more customization
  • Blocked sessions – stop creation of events overlapping blocked times
  • Blocked sessions – show tooltips on blocked sessions even when there’s no event text

22 November 2016 –download here

Please note: this version cannot be live-updated. It requires a new download from our server.

  • BRAND NEW FEATURE: calendar defaults for both FileMaker and iCal data feeds
    • default event color/text color
    • default resource(s)
    • display type (normal/block/background)
  • BRAND NEW FEATURE: new “background” and “block” events
    • an event with “display type” = background will cause that event to fade to the back of the calendar to indicate office hours, vacations, etc.
    • an event with “display type” = block will display the same as a background event, but will also stop you from scheduling events during the indicated time.
  • UPDATED: Map interface updated:
    • map pins now reflect the color assigned to the event
    • remove detail icons on event list
    • double-click events on map or list to open them
    • double-clicking anywhere on the map will send street address to FMP client script
    • no longer show default locations for events without assigned locations
    • always pick the first event on maps list when scrolling views
    • add your own google maps api key to settings
    • remove deprecated “sensor” parameter for Google maps
  • UPDATED: URL filtering improved for combined/complex “or” type searches
  • day & week timeline accurately reflect st/end time in options
  • after-hours indicator
  • timeline right padding smaller
  • remove “undefined” variables (unit, lat/lng/location, readonly) from FM Scripts
  • update smartphone interface to allow editing of some of the templates
  • update standalone data.json field to exclude apostrophe correctly
  • update standalone to go to events based layout before exporting events script
  • client login no longer check server accessibility


Version 3.42

6 September 2016 –download here

  • iCal subscribe over https:
  • iCal subscribe adds source url to event id to allow color coding by data source (with iCal class update)
  • Live update process made clearer
  • Reversed buttons for cancel/update on live update (oops)
  • Moved update server to fmsdb server

Version 3.4

14 August 2016 – download here
(21 August 2016 – v 3.41)

Please note: because of major changes to the registration engine, this version cannot be live-updated. It requires a new download from our server.

Codebase updates:

  • Complete rewrite of smartphone (mobile) interface
    • modern interface
    • scales properly on iPhone retina displays
  • Timeline day & timeline week honors start & end times
  • Timeline honors european/american time & date format
  • Updated URL filtering, especially regarding “or” style filters
  • Add optional server-side file customizations
  • Add more debugging capabilities for support
  • 3.41 update mobile button bar (refresh & today icons)
  • 3.41 update U.S. time selectors on mobile

Additional changes (requires download from our website):

  • Stop reseting license key when standalone file is distributed (if license key allows for this)
  • sosimple_cal.php splash page includes testing information (cache, FileMaker class, connectivity, etc.)
  • Suppress MBS registration dialog
  • Show/hide MBS script search along with syntax coloring
  • soSIMPLE registration checks date for updates
  • Default settings standardized
  • iCal feed updates – fix syntax bugs
  • Remove “sample” files from download (these were tutorial files that added confusion for new users)
  • Include MBS 6.1
  • 3.41 update vertical market license distribution

soSIMPLE Calendar file:

  • Include 360Works MirrorSync framework
    • Allows for syncing 1 server and 1 device for free
      • Provide a link for your remote users to download a always-current copy of soSIMPLE Calendar
      • Single button synchronizes all changes in events, resources and staff to the soSIMPLE Calendar hosted on your FileMaker server
    • Install from
    • In this soSIMPLE release, we don’t support resources being added remotely. Events and staff can be added remotely, and all tables can be updated remotely or on the server.
    • At the time of this release (MirrorSync 3.01), you must use XML syncing instead of JDBC syncing
  • Allow standalone users to host files peer-to-peer without script changes
  • Handle international date/time in Action script (workaround a FileMaker bug)
  • Resource filters for smartphone interface and list view
  • Default to Advanced Calendar mode


Version 3.3

19 January 2016 – download here

Available using Live Update feature in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings:

  • Add 7 new languages – now 29 languages total
    • Belarus,
    • Danish,
    • Greek,
    • Norwegian Bokmål,
    • Romanian,
    • Slovak,
    • Turkish
  • New feature: Use “|” (pipe character) as a delimiter for multiple values in URL to create “or”-type search
  • Fixed: iPad not drawing calendar
  • Fixed: text display of special characters in some languages
  • Fixed: Error 500 on update page when serial key is masked
  • Fixed: “Current Time” indicator doesn’t show when calendar is first drawn
  • Known issue: iCal feeds sometimes do not recognize brackets in query (used in “or” type queries). Use pipe instead.
  • Version 3.31: Update Turkish language with client-supplied corrections.

Additional changes (requires download from our website):

  • MBS 5.4.08
  • Fixed some foreign language installations of FileMaker, that use case-sensitive functions.
  • Remove broken “Show Me” button on startup when the server is wrong.
  • Stop masking installation key


Version 3.2

12 October 2015 – download here

All calendars:

  • Dynamic timelines to dynamically change the default timeline view from 1 day to 10 years
  • SuperNav – added many new layouts, and organized into menus by time & type
    • Day, week, month & year timeline views
    • Day, week, month & year map views
    • Day, week, month & year grid views
    • All future events grid view
    • Day menu shows one day of events in day, resource, timeline, map & grid views.
    • Week menu shows one week of events in week, resource/planner, timeline, map & grid views.
    • Month menu shows one month of events in month, timeline, map & grid views.
    • Year menu shows one year of events in year, timeline, map & grid views.
    • Resource menu shows one and one week resource views.
    • Timeline menu shows timelines for one day, one week, one month, one year, and adjustable.
    • Resource & Timeline menu shows both resource views and all five timeline views.
    • Map menu shows map for one day, one week, one month, and one year.
    • Grid menu shows grid for one day, one week, one month, one year, and all future events.
  • Dynamically hide calendar navigation, hide weekends
  • Automatic in-app Live Updates
  • Changed week header to default to “Week of” – configurable in Options > Labels
  • Theme change to move hour scale down two pixels, and timeline event padding to 4 px.

soSIMPLE Calendar file:

  • Sample data update to current date range
  • Dynamically adjust timeline range from 1 day to 5 years
  • Dynamically hide calendar navigation panels, hide weekends
  • Rename “My Calendar Solution” to “soSIMPLE Calendar”
  • Add lat/lng result field back to sample file for client-side mapping
  • Custom Icons in Launcher
  • Configure calendar examples to use grouped menus

Server-Side Async (web publishing):

  • Changed Custom Fields to recognize Resource list based on the attached value list.
  • Show location field value list in server-side editor
  • Add class file & classfile statement to config.php for 3rd party hosting

Web Apps (iPad desktop icons):

  • Set Web Apps to always open to current date
  • Fix Web App icons

soSIMPLE Calendar Settings file:

  • Custom Icons in Launcher
  • Added gray checkbox to all calendars when “Server-Powered” is turned off in preferences
  • Fixed “refresh calendar” menu step in Calendar Settings.
  • Make calendar refresh to scroll and highlight correct calendar
  • Remove MBS message when soSIMPLE is unregistered
  • Verify server settings during startup
  • Hide “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings” file in WebDirect launcher
  • Remove “Copy” buttons in Data Source window – use the buttons in “Use in..” windows instead.


Version 3.12

21 September 2015 – download here

  • Included Standalone indicator during import of previous versions
  • Fixed “Import from File” script, broken in previous upgrade
  • Fix theme editor for date at top of calendar
  • Remove redundant scriptHost to allow change in Custom JS
  • Update Codebase to 4.3.13
  • Update MBS to
  • Added server-verify function when changing server address in preferences

Version 3.11

27 August 2015 – download here

  • Remove duplicate code records causing an error “couldn’t save” on standalone
  • Remove “soSIMPLE Calendar” file from download (older duplicate of “My Calendar Solution”)

Version 3.1

11 August 2015 – download here

  • Change name of “soSIMPLE Calendar” file to “My Calendar Solution” (to distinguish from “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings”)
  • Add map view for client-side in example file
  • Update map view for client-side use, and for more intuitive server-side use
  • Update starter solution to include geo location for standalone & client-side
  • Add weekly resource view (“planner”)
  • Add Navigation date panels, left or right, 1-3 months
  • Add location field and resources to Server-Side (web-based) event editor
  • Add dropdowns and checkboxes for resources and custom fields for web-based event editor
  • Add calendar dropdown to web-based event editor
  • Add lat lng in script parameters for client-side
  • Added labels: map, more events, agenda, grid
  • Fixed “simple event” display to show accurate time.
  • Updated php splash page to show Calendar Settings file. Removed sample file link.
  • Update MBS to
  • Update Codebase to 4.3.7
  • Fix pasted scripts for standalone, esp. for clarity and to remove references to missing elements
  • Updated documentation for changing example file name & 5-minute integration
  • Updated data source/layout/theme/options windows to make them easier to read
  • Adjusted standalone settings
  • Updated data.json field to accommodate fields that weren’t selected by user
  • Update import process to allow for renamed and password-protected Calendar Settings files.
  • Fixed bug that broke double-clicking events when calendar doesn’t have a resource defined.

Version 3.03

9 July 2015 – download here

  • Bug fix: Standalone on iPad in FileMaker Go 14 – QuickInfo boxes open/edit/delete events.

Version 3.02

3 June 2015 – download here

  • Added “Standalone” calendar – no server required:
    • Added “Export Script” to data source setup
    • Please note significant feature differences between Standalone use and Server-Powered use
    • soSIMPLE Calendar Settings UI overhaul
      • Renamed setting file from “Calendar Builder” to “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings”
      • Simplify theme editor interface
      • Allow changes to be made to locked calendars and settings
      • Added option to hide soSIMPLE Calendar Settings in the “Open Remote…” dialog box.
  • NEW “soSIMPLE Calendar” file:
    • Complete calendar solution
    • Show multiple uses for calendar (within FileMaker Pro, Filemaker Go on the iPad, smartphone use, WebDirect,etc.)
    • Auto-detect platform, and whether you’re on server or not.
  • Key new features:
    • Multiple resources per event
    • Resources can now be supplied as a key or a value
    • Added the ability to filter what resource columns show on the Resource & Timeline views
    • Added dynamic configuration variables to the url
    • Simple Event Box option (no date bar on event, allows for shorter events to show in smaller spaces)
    • Beautify the left-hand hour-scale with tick marks
    • Drag and resize events in month view
    • Month view “more” link to limit the number of events showing on each day
    • New Grid View
    • New Map View (beta)
  • Overhaul web-based documentation
  • NEW support forum
  • Remove weekend shading
  • Added “#mode=” (month, day,list) to mobile scheduler
  • Updated parameters sent to soSIMPLE Action Script, when using server-side async
  • Updated Web App icons
  • Follow redirects on incoming iCal feeds
  • Fix “Use in iCal” button to show correct link (with “feed=ical”)
  • Value lists sent as part of data structure, from all custom fields & locations when assigned on layout
  • Add random v=get(UUID) to end of php URLs to avoid caching issues
  • Add location to iCal feed
  • Registration for multiple versions or data source qty
  • Updated optional plug-in MBS to v5, 64-bit
  • Stopped sending &$find_parameter and $script_name to Action Script (with FMP url)



Version 2.1

Version 2 last updated 26 June 2015 (v 2.11)- download here

  • Added new “Flat” interface type
  • Made default layout the new “Flat” interface.
  • More data sources available to FM13 configuration (11 total)
  • Added visual for time being selected to the scale bar as you drag items
  • Add clickable days to weekly agenda view
  • Auto-refresh will no longer refresh if you’re editing an event or dragging an event in server-side async mode
  • Touch enhancements & regular event toolbar now respect read-only and chosen icons
  • Touch enhancements overlay and event editing window cleaned up – removed extraneous text.
  • Added an informational message on the resource view and timeline view when there were no resources available, and how to add them.
  • Upgrade JavaScript base code to v4.1
  • iCalendar feed once again handles timezone-agnostic events
  • Added “Open in Calendar” button to “Use in iCal” window (using webcal:// protocol)
  • Changed default calendars to two-week-long timeline
  • Cancel button in Template Editor correctly closes the window without making changes
  • Removed pencil image from event toolbar and detail icon from Agenda view for a cleaner, more consistent UI
  • Fixed duplicate, import and edit functions to produce clean code (was occasionally causing “Cache…” to show up in calendar)
  • Stopped sending event text as variable in Client-Side calendars (occasionally caused events to be unresponsive to double-clicking)
  • Fixed an issue with new events not being able to be created when a resource view existed with no resources
  • Addressed sporadic issues with:
    • events showing on the following day,
    • misc Windows 8 touch issues,
    • Weekly Agenda not updating when changing dates on other views
  • v2.101 fixed a permissions error importing from an earlier version of soSIMPLE Calendar.

Version 2.07

30 December 2014 – download here

  • Bug fix: Cache bug fixed in Windows (cache test failed at startup)
  • Bug fix: go to units view when there is no day view (wasn’t working in Windows)
  • Bug fix: Action script not running on Windows in some circumstances (corrupted URL)
  • Stop sending entire URL to Action Script, instead just hash part of URL (e.g. #date=2014-12-24,mode=month)
  • Added $find_parameter to Action Script
  • Removed $text parameter from Action Script
  • Delete cache files on any calendar change
  • MBS syntax coloring disabled for new installations
  • FMP13 users always use new layout
  • cache test added to sosimple test page
  • updated installation guide for FMS13 permissions
  • enable client-side “details” and “edit” buttons
  • move load_date and show_loading above config area so it can be overridden (v2.071)

Version 2.06

28 May 2014

  • include ranges that start before &/or end after dates being viewed
  • optimize upload sosimple_cal.php caching
  • stop cache reset from happening when clicking “redraw” button in calendar builder.
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Settings Interface added for FileMaker 13 users
  • custom JS wrap in initialization to allow for further customization of mobile functionality

Version 2.051

5 April 2014

  • bug tooltip disappearing bug
  • bug: change password causes next login to fail
  • generate pdf – turn off debug mode

Version 2.05 

5 April 2014

  • remove requirement for soSIMPLE plugin
  • add option to toggle syntax coloring
  • added change password button
  • register MBS even for demo
  • remove version info from startup splash screen
  • change registration to use Server
  • clean up UI for “new calendar”, and “use in…” options
  • encode text of callback
  • timeline presets as day/week/two-week/month
  • shade weekends
  • updated to latest MBS plugin 4.1 mac & windows
  • added cache directory to config file
  • made UTC applicable to iCal publishing
  • add possibility to update code via our server on demand

Version 2.04 

31 March 2014

  • changed new calendar field defs so that valid templates are assigned.
  • changed startup to show logo only
  • removed erroneous text reflecting sosimple plugin at startup
  • changed copy elements scripts to use MBS
  • no longer require Java or soSIMPLE plugin for soSIMPLE Calendar Settings standard use
  • utc passed to client-side variables (as additional set).
  • changed $url parameter as || and ~~ replacements
  • add new/changed scripts to copy clipboard, including pdf
  • update pdf generate code for neutral background
  • +Bug fix with QuickInfo on IE (followup)

Version 2.03

26 March 2014

  • added locked mobile default
  • removed iCal validation
  • editing templates and updating templates to update the name of the templates, too.
  • printPDF parameter prints to PDF
  • pdf function to do create printPDF url
  • add custom field label of “”
  • add .dhx_cal_event_clear, tooltip
  • lower case sosimple path
  • next button included in button css
  • ical license reference in startup script
  • custom section label “undefined” removed from custom field lightbox
  • resources not required field
  • custom fields cannot have spaces – indicate in process & in conditional formatting
  • ical compatibility in dropdown
  • fixed before release: ical class file (add resources). Install Instructions (IUSR, url).

Version 2.02

10 March 2014

  • added touch support quickinfo.php
  • double-encode url parameter
  • remove refresh for every click in mobile version.
  • return delete button functionality.
  • allow event toolbar to show
  • dynamic button layout for terrace
  • more css for desktop themes
  • Updated caching method
  • Removed option to not cache


Version 2.01

7 February 2014

  • First pre-release of version 2
  • New “Terrace” template
  • Integrated touch support into every calendar
  • Removed dedicated touch template
  • Smartphone mobile template
  • Custom data entry fields for Server-Side Async
  • Auto-refresh without script timers
  • Multiple timezone support by converting to and from UTC timecode
  • More theme custom options
  • Upgraded MBS plug-in
  • Re-ordered Options and CSS, renamed some options for clarity
  • Filter compatibility of settings for intended deployment
  • Confirm settings are valid in setup windows
  • Editable area for custom JS and custom CSS
  • Option to always show popup lightbox instead of allowing inline editing
  • Add URL as variable in action script
  • Add script name and read-only flag in action script
  • Change copied action script to set fields using “set field by name”
  • Make copied action script dynamically set the actual field names to set from data source
  • Make copied web viewer layout object dynamically set the url from data source
  • Advanced find script
  • Created separate user in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings for editing configuration to allow custom passwords

Version 1.4

29 May 2012

  • FileMaker 12 Compatible
  • Added a few features just for FileMaker 12 users:
    • Update Plugins from local file in FM12, not from server
    • Client-side functionality doesn’t require plug-in for editing events in FM12 (still require plug-in to refresh a single event at a time in the web viewer)
    • Client-side functionality now works with FileMaker Go 12 (runs a FileMaker script to edit an event, just like in FileMaker Pro)
  • “Add to Homescreen” on iPad/iPhone removes browser address bar from calendar for Touch interfaces.
  • Added Options for: Show “Now” Indicator
  • Added Options for: Height of Hour for Weekly and Monthly view
  • Added Options for: Injection of custom JavaScript code
  • Added Options for: Show/Hide navigation bar
  • Stretch events in timeline?
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Settings (admin) interface changed to display dialogs with helpful information when errors occur
  • No longer shows an error on soSIMPLE Calendar Settings main UI when the software is not registered
  • Day of Week showing in Resource/Unit view
  • QR Code to deploy on web
  • Touch Icon
  • Removed gray bars on weekly & daily view, and made today yellow
  • Added New Weekly Agenda view
  • Unique ID for new Calendars (random URL for security) – calendar urls are no longer easy-to-guess two digit numbers
  • Import Calendar from previous version (if you’re importing from v1.3 or earlier, leave the old version on the server while you open the new version from the desktop).

Bugs FIxed:

  • Current Time Marker broke functionality for Resources view.


Version 1.3

  • Added Options for: Cascade View
  • Custom Tooltips
  • Color/Text Color
  • Multi-line Header for Timeline, tall events for Timeline
  • Day of Week name showing in Day view