Text displayed in month view

Change how text is displayed in month view.

By default, Month view shows the event time before each event. By adding this snippet to your “Options” in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, you can remove the event time, or change it to something else.

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function(start,end,ev){
return "";

soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at 25% off one week only

Get the soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings at a huge discount this week only. soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have full edit access to your calendar from many devices. Working in FileMaker…


soSIMPLE Calendar Builder version 1.4

Paradise Partners, Inc. and soSIMPLE Software announce the release today of soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings version 1.4. soSIMPLE Calendar Settings 1.4 adds the following features: FileMaker 12 compatibility Client-side scripting from FileMaker Go 12 (no plug-in required) Brighter Weekly & Day view New Weekly Agenda view Custom formatted tooltips JavaScript injection QR code to more…


soSIMPLE in Philly tomorrow!

We’ll be showing off soSIMPLE’s soSIMPLE Calendar Settings at tomorrow’s Philadelphia FileMaker User Group at their main office. We’ve got a few new cool features we’ll be sharing from our upcoming release – a full mobile UI for the smartphones and such, and custom fields for publishing your calendar on the web. Here’s the details:…


soSIMPLE demoing in CT, Wed, April 18

We’re at it again. We’ll be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar twice tomorrow, at two locations in Connecticut: – At 10:00am, we’ll be at the Connecticut FileMaker Developers’ Group (CFDG). It’s happening at the Student Center at the Central CT State College in New Britain, CT. Here’s the announcement and a map. – Then at 2:00pm we’re…


soSIMPLE demoing in NYC, Thurs, April 5

Ken d’Oronzio from Paradise Partners, Inc will be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar at the New York FileMaker Pro Developer’s Group on Thursday, April 5, 2012. We’ll be showing off some of the cool new features of the calendar, and a bit of what’s to come. Even if you’ve seen the calendar before, I think you’ll really want…


soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 for FileMaker Pro & Go

Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 soSIMPLE Calendar is a drag & drop asynchronous calendar interface for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, traditional web, and mobile devices. It offers developers the ability to add a feature-rich, multi-platform completely customizable calendar to any FileMaker-based solution. Version 1.2 fixes some bugs, enhances some…



We had the opportunity to demonstrate soSIMPLE Calendar to the NJ FileMaker user group. The event went very well – there seemed to be a lot of excitement around the software, especially around the ability to quickly roll out new calendars on multiple platforms & devices. Agnes at ZeroBlue Technology Solutions did a beautiful write-up…


Announcing soSIMPLE Calendar

You haven’t seen a FileMaker calendar like this before. Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar, the drag and drop calendar for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, web and mobile devices. We will present an informal demonstration at a DevCon “Unconference” on Thursday morning at 9:00 am, room Aqua 308. By harnessing FileMaker’s…