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    Andre Thoresen


    Is there a way to sort/customize the order in which events appear. Especially with all day events the order seems to be random. We would like to sort e.g people with the same worktitle together. In the attached example we separate different peoples worktitle by colour. As you can see it is quite confusing, and would look much better if we eg could put all the blue one first, then the brown ones.



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    The easiest way to do this is to implement an Advanced Find script and perform a sort in that script before returning the results.

    An Advanced Find script is essentially a server-side script that get run right after events are pulled from the server. Since the events have already been “found” when this script is run, all you should have to do is have a single step in that script that performs a sort. The script doesn’t actually need to perform the find itself.

    1. Create a script in your FileMaker file.
    2. Add only a sort step to that script, sorting the way you’d like it. It will run in the context of your found set of appointments.
    3. In the Settings file, edit the Data Source for your custom calendar.
    4. In the Data Source window, select the script you created next to “Advanced Find script”.

    Let us know how it goes.


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    You’re absolutely right, Andre.

    The sort occurs first by date/time, then by id. So you can change your ID, if that is possible. Using custom development, we can also change the sort order by another field.

    When you say “size of each resource row could be fixed,” do you mean that in timeline view, each resource row should be set to a certain height? Right now each resource row is the same size and is set to dynamically fill the screen. You’d prefer, for example, for all rows to be 100px high – the result being a large white space at the bottom of the timeline, on large monitors with few resources, and always needing to scroll on small monitors with many resources? We can accomplish this with custom code if you’d like.


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    Andre Thoresen

    I have tried the method you suggest in #75376

    The sort order does not change the order of appearance in the calendar. We have both a serverside and a clientside calendar. It would also be very helpful if the size of each resource row could be fixed. I think this could lead to better visualization. I understand that some of these question will  need customization from your side 🙂



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