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    Just downloaded the trial of SSC 3. But I cannot se how to set it up for Australian date format: 3 June 2015 for us is: 3/6/15 not 6/3/15
    because of that the calendar is behaving in a strange way overtime I click on a time slot to create an appointment.

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    Those of you that don’t use the American date format, before using the calendar you’ll have to change the “Option” setting to change it to “European”. I know you may not be in Europe – but it kind of sounds better than “non-American”.

    To change this:

    1. open “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings” file
    2. select your calendar
    3. click “Edit” next to “Options”, then “Edit” again
    4. change the first setting, “Date Format” to “European”

    This will change the setting for any calendar that shares the same “Options” setting.

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    Thanks Ken,
    I switched it to european and now the events are in the correct place.
    However, when I open the dialog to create or edit an event it still shows the date Wed 6/3/15 (for June 3rd 2015). For us in Australia it should be 3/6/15
    Functionally it is OK but just the cosmetic side may confuse my staff.

    Also how do I get into developer mode? I have entered my registration key but not sure where the developer code goes.


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    Ok – I managed to log In as Developer.
    Thanks .

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    They key gets entered by clicking “Register” when you first open the calendar.

    Also, when you purchased the software, you should have received a user name and password for the file “soSIMPLE Calendar”. In that file, go to the Preference > Calendar Options, then click “Re-login”. That user name and password will open up developer mode. Then you can change that layout with the dates, and change any users and passwords that you’d like.



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