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    I have many dates I want to include in my calendar. Currently I have 2 data sources set up however they are intermittently appearing or not appearing on my calendar views. There should be 4 dates on Thursday 1st Nov (2 should appear as “Read…” at 10am (Data source 2) and 2 should appear as “Start…” at 9am (data source 1). The times are not important as the items are more of a To Do List action than a time action.

    Secondly, if I have a need for more than 11 data sources is there a way to address this?


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    Hi Debbie –

    Of course it’s hard to tell without seeing your solution. But if I can infer from your description, are you showing many dates from the same table? If that’s the case, please keep in mind that each event has to have a unique ID otherwise they’ll interfere with each other on the calendar. If that’s what you’re doing, you’ll have to work out a way to have a unique ID field for each date type.

    Currently our limit is 11 data sources (from up to 5 unique files). Typically we start considering data structure when it’s more than that. If I’m right about your schema, what I would suggest if possible, is to use a separate “milestones” table to record your dates – that will solve both issues – single data source and unique IDs for each milestone.


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