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    I am wondering if the Calendar already has this functionality or if it would be required to be custom edited, but I need to colour code the time slot with 2 colours, one for type of job and one for status. If this is a custom job can you please advise how much it would cost.

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    I’m not sure how you would want that to look – each event’s color split in two vertically? Something like that? Or maybe a border of the event in one color, and the background another.

    You may be able do some of this without custom development, but what I describe above would require development, and we’d have to work out what you’re looking for before pricing it. Here are some options without custom development:
    – One color for the background, one color for the text (those two fields are already set up for you).
    – You can also use the FileMaker calculation engine to color-code your text, or add special characters or icons. You can even use HTML markup right in the calculation.

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