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    Jeff Arnold

    I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Partner and have a client looking to do API stuff with Filemaker Server 17.  Found this Zapier integration and it appears to do what we’re looking for.  I’m definitely not a ‘developer’, but think that what I read indicates that this will do what I want.  Just wanted to throw the questions out here so that I can be sure that I present the right info to the client.

    Their usage scenario seems fairly straightforward.

    When they assign someone to a mailing list in FS17, they want a tag to be applied in IFS.

    No reverse integration into FS17, just identifying an action in FS17 and applying a tag in IFS.

    Does this handle that functionality?


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    I can’t tell you anything about IFS functionality. But yes, fmGateway will allow you to trigger an action in Zapier when a new record is created in FileMaker, or a new record matching a particular search. One of these two methods should work for what you’re trying to do.

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