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    Hi there,

    I was trying to implement a Zapier zap that would read from Gmail and create entries in a database (hosted on FMS 17).  The 17 Data API supports uploading container data, but when run the zap the Container field (it’s on the target layout) appears to only have a URL in it.  If I follow that URL it does download the actual file.  But I would like to have the actual file, of course.

    In the zap , I believe that I have correctly mapped the Gmail field (“Attachment”) to the FM field.  I have examine another zap from Zapier themselves (they provide many example zaps), they are also using this same GMail::Attachment field to upload the attachment to Google Drive.

    Is there perhaps something not quite right in the FMS Gateway configuration such that it is only uploading the URL and not the actual binary document?  I’d be happy to do more testing to help figure this out.



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    You are correct. We do not yet support direct upload of containers. You must run a script in your server or client side to get the container data.

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