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    Hi there,

    I was going through the initial setup process for a file and received an error on the 2nd step, when trying to define the Sort field on the Layout.  It said “Darn, we didn’t find any dropdowns in your account”.  I thought it was reading data from FMs hidden tables covering the schema (tables, fields).

    Does it require that there be a value list set up in some manner?  Or that I create a drop-down list of some sort on this layout?  (There are no value lists at all in this file.)  The Account setup test in the prior step was successful.

    This is the second time I have gone through the setup of a file using Zapier + fmGateway, and the first time things went just fine – no errors.  It was using a different file, though.



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    Doh!  I think I just figured it out – I had 0 records in the table in question.  When I added a record and went back to Zapier it was able to pull the list of fields just fine.

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