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    Carole Chaski

    I have three FM solutions for related businesses; they need to stay separate but since the businesses are related, people who work in all three need to know what is happening in all three. Is it possible to have one calendar that can be seen in and input into from all three FM solutions? I use FMS 16, Windows Server 2012, and WebDirect for almost all users except one or two who use FMPA16, and a few who could also use FMGo to check the calendar on a iPhone or iPad. Thank you for a great product,

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    You can add all of them to a single calendar, each as their own data source, using soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.

    The main thing to know is that the first data source will be where edits will be made, and scripts run in FMPA. So you will probably want to set up 3 calendars – the first calendar of each one will be the “primary” calendar where the data is saved, the other two as secondary data sources. I suggest making those two read only so that the calendar won’t respond when people try to edit the secondary calendars.

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