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    Rachel Laskowski

    My color field doesn’t appear to be doing anything to the event color. I’ve tried making it a calculation field and when that didn’t work, just to test it out, I made it a plain text field with the color code in it. I tried it in hex form as well as the RGB function in filemaker. Even just typing the color “red” – still nothing. What am I doing wrong?

    Thank you in advance. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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    Rachel Laskowski
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    I believe you’re using standalone – is that correct?

    Are you using your own file using our 5-minute integration or are you using the soSIMPLE Calendar file provided?

    For Standalone on your own file (very different from server-powered), you have to make sure the data.json field is mapping your correct color field. You can re-copy that calculation with all the fields at once by defining them in you data source in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings then clicking  “Use in FileMaker Pro/Go”  then “Re-copy just the calculation”. You can then paste the calculation into your existing data.json field.

    Or you can carefully type in the missing information directly into the calculation.

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    Rachel Laskowski

    That worked! Didn’t even think of that. I spent way too much time banging my head against the wall. Thank you! Very much appreciated!

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