It’s soSIMPLE to create dynamic Calendars for everyone, everywhere

Learn how to quickly add a custom drag & drop calendar to your FileMaker Pro/Go solution, while simultaneously making it available across all of your devices – iOS, Android, CWP, WebDirect, and even iCal. Our latest version drops the requirement for FileMaker Server for our FileMaker Pro & Go-only users.

If you’re attending DevCon this year, please come to

Castellana 2

Wednesday at 2 p.m.

(July 22)

Here’s what you’ll learn:

During this session, Ken will show you how you can take a calendar requirement from concept to creation to single-use to mass deployment. Bring your scheduling challenges with you. Design once, deploy everywhere.

If you’re attending DevCon this year, please come to Castellana 2  on Wednesday at 2 pm (July 22).

Can’t wait to see you there!

soSIMPLE Calendar Builder 25% off

  soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings at 25% off Buy soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings at a discount AND get a free upgrade to the next version. soSIMPLE soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have…

Text displayed in month view

Change how text is displayed in month view.

By default, Month view shows the event time before each event. By adding this snippet to your “Options” in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, you can remove the event time, or change it to something else.

scheduler.templates.event_bar_date = function(start,end,ev){
return "";