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    Evan Ellis

    Hello, sorry to bother you again.

    In messing with the settings back and forth, I seem to have broken my web viewer. In both the settings database and in my database that I have the web viewer to the calendar, it will no longer load for me, it will get 95% of the way there and then just gets stuck, and my fans go crazy and it seems to be using a lot of my cpu. It is only affecting my user on my mac. I have logged into guest and it loads up just fine like normal. It works flawlessly on any other machine. When I go into activity monitor there is a process name “http://(the IP address of my server)” (sometimes multiple) and when I open it the process group is called (668) and another at (693). This seems to only be affecting me. Could I have broken something with just my user somehow from within calendar settings? I was changing the layout from terrace to flat at the time of breakage, I changed it right back after being afraid, but it didnt seem to fix it either way. I think I may have also added Timeline (adjustable), or grid future or something like that at the same time if that helps.  Any ideas?


    When I quit filemaker it goes away and only comes back when I open a layout with the webviewer connected to sosimple calendar on it. I have tested it with a webviewer to and it works just fine on my machine and user.


    While typing this out it finally was able to load (sort of) but I am unable to interact with anything inside the webviewer or even right click on it to reload it. Redrawing also doesnt fix it, nor rebuilding from within the settings file.


    Thank you!

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    Evan Ellis

    I dont think my pictures attached to that post.

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    Evan Ellis

    Welp, of course as its been affecting me for about 4 hours of troubleshooting, it just… stopped being a problem, and is chugging along just fine now. Maybe this post will be good for the record books, but it seems I dont need assistance anymore, thank you.

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