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    We don’t use a custom database at the moment and are testing with the example, because we thought this is the best way to test features, before we develop our own solution with your plugin. We want to use the calendar with server-side asynchronous communication. When we enable this mode, the edit possibilities are very limited compare to the client-side version.
    Is it possible to activate the Resources and Staff fields in the server-side edit menu?

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    When using Server-Side Async ( as opposed to “Client-Side Scripting”), you do have more limited control over both the actions (these actions run server-side), and the interface, since this mode doesn’t rely on FileMaker Pro-native tools. This mode is great for FileMaker WebDirect, publishing to the web, and giving read-write access to colleagues who don’t use FileMaker Pro. When working within FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go, we recommend using Client-Side Scripting.

    Having said that, you can add any custom fields you’d like to your Server-Side Async Calendar:

    1. Add the fields you’d like to see in the popup window to the Data Source layout in your solution (or in our starter solution, if that’s what you’re using).
    2. Go to soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, select your calendar, and click “Edit” next to Data Source.
    3. Scroll to the bottom and click “Edit” next to “Custom Fields”
    4. Add any fields you’d like to show in the edit window

    In addition to Custom Fields, the next release will automatically include checkboxes for all your resources, and a location field when you are using the Maps view.

    We are also able to completely customize the event window to show it exactly the way you’d like, with specific layout, color schemes, displays of value lists, etc. Please let me know the details if you’d like us to estimate that.

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