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    Jim Feuerstein

    We are trying out SoSimple calendar before purchase. Our existing FileMaker calendar allows for repeating events. Is there a mechanism within SoSimple that would support that. We’re willing to modify our data structure to match the SoSimple mechanism (although we’d prefer to not create duplicate records, unless that’s necessary)

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    Hi Jim –

    soSIMPLE does use individual records for all events. Because the design of soSIMPLE is to allow FileMaker developers to access events from both the calendar, and using their own scripts and tools, we wanted to be sure that the events were not hidden, and were searchable like any other record in their FileMaker database. So each event is just a simple record.

    In our starter file, we do use a method to create and manage the duplicate events. In that example, we use a key field to link the events.

    Thanks for reaching out – please do let us know if you have any other questions.

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