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    we are currently testing your sosimple calendar solution for filemaker. When we try to integrate it with our database, the manual says the ‘soSimple calendar actions’ script should be used as a starting point. But when we click the button to copy the script to the clipboard, the clipboard seems not to be filled and we cannot paste the script into our solution.

    We’re running Filemaker 13 on OS X 10.10.4. Do you have any advice to solve this problem?

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    It sounds like you’re trying to paste intoa script instead of pasting the script into the script manager.

    1. Click “Use in FileMaker Pro
    2. Click “Copy Scripts”
    3. Go to your solution and open “Script Manager”
    4. Without creating or opening any script, just choose “Paste” from the edit menu

    Let me know how that goes. If you need any additional information, let us know.

    We’re hoping to post our “famous 5-minute integration” video in a few days. Keep your eyes out.



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