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    Hello again Ken,

    I am having issues with the URL anchors to bring a user to a specific day and view when a calendar loads. This is a sample of the URL I am loading:


    The URL is generated in the following script step:

    Set Variable [ $$PREVIEW_URL ; Value: Let ( [

    touch = If ( $$PLATFORM = “iOS” ; “&cal_touch=1” ; “” ) ;

    base = If ( IsEmpty ( $$PREVIEW_BASE ) ; “” ; “&BaseCode=” & $$PREVIEW_BASE ) ;

    date = “#date=” & Year ( $$PREVIEW_DATE ) & “-” & Month ( $$PREVIEW_DATE ) & “-” & Day ( $$PREVIEW_DATE ) & “,mode=day”

    ] ; “http://…domain…/sosimple/sosimple_cal.php?calendar=1-2-063629855878-0000000-02458_189698558744340″ & touch & base & date

    ) ]

    and then:

    Set Web Viewer [ Object Name: “web_calendar” ; URL: $$PREVIEW_URL ]

    The record filtering is working ($BasCode=YVR) and the date anchor is working (#date=2017-5-10), but no matter what I try it always loads in Week View. Also, the events don’t load immediately… I have the auto refresh set to 10 seconds and nothing loads until then.

    Just in case it makes a difference, this is my second calendar in the soSimple Settings file (not including the samples you provide) which is just a different view of my main calendar (both use the same data source). All of these URL adjustments work fine in the main calendar.

    Any ideas?



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    Does your calendar have a button for day view, too? (sometimes when the button is missing, the view can’t be called by the URL).

    Otherwise, the fact that the events don’t load right away tells me there’s an error in the page. Can you please create a new “Options” setting? Don’t duplicate an existing one – it should be a brand new one. And make sure there’s nothing in the “Custom JS” section.

    Let us know how that goes.


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    The entire thing (calendar, layout template, options template) had been duplicated from and existing calendar. So I deleted everything and started from scratch, creating a new Calendar, new Layout, and new Options, just to be safe.

    It looks like the issue is related to the custom Layout. I had removed all of the buttons from the tab positions as this is intended to be a small preview of events on a particular day, and the window opens up small enough that when it loaded the tabs were overlapping the date title.

    When I add back the “Day” option in the first tab everything works as expected again. Is it safe to say things will not function properly when all of the tab positions are left blank?

    Thanks again!

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    The latest release fixes this issue

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    Thanks Ken. Will this version (v3.6) be available through your built in Live Update tool? It would be great to not have to reinstall the new version.


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    I’m sorry, but no.

    soSIMPLE 3.6 added REST engine support for FileMaker 16. As a result, we decided to update some of the core files on the server, which can’t be updated using Live Update.

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    I updated to v3.6 today and imported my previous Settings file. Just wanted to confirm that this fixed the issue I was having. I was able to remove all buttons from the layout tab positions and the calendar still loads properly using the URL parameters.


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