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    Dietmar Wassmer

    Windows 10, 64bit / FileMaker 17 Pro Advanced / soSIMPLE 3.8 standalone

    In the past we used FileMaker 14 and soSIMPLE 3.4. All was OK.

    No we use FileMaker 17 and soSIMPLE 3.8.

    Problem 1:

    When we start the calender programm, the webviewer ist “emty” – he doesn`t show anything.

    When I click “Redraw” the webviewer shows “Die Webseite kann nicht angezeigt werden / The website couldn`t be shown”.

    When we open “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings” and after that we click on “Redraw” than the calender ist showed correctly.

    Problem 2:

    To click forward (one week) goes correctly.

    To click back (to the last week): the calendar ist shown correctly, but after that, soSIMPLE calendar settings pops up shortly, after that the webviewer pops up (blank/empty). After that the calendar ist shown correctly again.

    Problem 3:

    When I click on a event on calender for editing,  ther is the same problem (pop up soSIMPLE calendar settings and webviewer) but I can`t edit the events.

    Problem 4:

    When I want to create a new event (drag to create) FileMaker crashes completely.


    We need the calendar daily, it is realy importent for us. We hope, anyone can help us.


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    Are you using the provided soSIMPLE Calendar file, or did you do your own integration?

    If it’s your own integration, did you review the integration video/article to make sure you’re not missing anything?

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    Dietmar Wassmer

    We’ve integrated it in our own solution.

    At first we’ve upgraded from a revision of soSIMPLE Calendar, but it did’t work.

    After that we followed  the video “Five Minute Integration”.

    But there was the same problems.

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    You might need to run through all the steps again with a fresh backup. Before you start:

    – backup your file so you don’t lose anything

    – delete all of the sosimple scripts (if you made modifications you’ll need to add them back in later)

    – delete the web viewer on your calendar layout (otherwise the name of the calendar object will be “web calendar copy” instead of the expected name).

    – Then walk through each step of the integration article for Standalone, making sure that the scripts are named properly (not “soSIMPLE 2”, for example), and that the export step references the correct data.json field.

    Make sure you’re following the standalone integration article.


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