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    Isn’t the calendar on the web supposed to sync with the FM solution?

    Seems like I’m only getting it to go one way, to the web? How do I get changes on the web calendar to change in FM?

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    It’s more than synced – it’s a direct connection to your FileMaker database. So any changes made on your Server-Side Async calendar on the web, also update the events in FileMaker Pro, iCal and mobile. You can try it here:


    We’d need more information about your installation and what’s happening in order to help. Some pointers:

    • The calendar you use in FileMaker Pro is called “Client Side Scripting” in the Settings file – it runs a FileMaker script to perform the update for events
    • The calendar you use on the web is called “Server-Side Async” – it asynchronously updates the events in FileMaker using server-side calls.

    If you’re correctly created a Server-Side Async calendar, and it appears to create or edit events, and the events aren’t being updated in your FileMaker database, check these things:

    • Refresh the web calendar. If the events are reverted back to what they were, then there’s something wrong with your data source in soSIMPLE Settings. For example, you may have read-only fields in there.
    • If they are correctly updated after a refresh, but event records aren’t being updated in your FileMaker database, then you’re updating a different table/database/server than you’re looking at in FileMaker Pro.
    • Finally, is it possible the events are being updated by both calendars, but you need to refresh the web viewer to see the change on each-other’s calendars? If that’s the case you might consider adding an auto-refresh trigger to automatically update events on a timer. That’s done either as a calendar setting (under “Options”) or using a change to the URL: URL-Adjustable Interface Settings
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    OK. Its bi-directional again. I don’t know why. Just re-pasted stuff. Thanks.

    But, what about filtering? I’ve looked over much of the documentation and videos this week and am wondering if I missed some video about filtering. Can you direct me to some specific documentation about that?

    I am trying to set up separate calendars views for several staff and then an overall view for the director. And also need web views for the clients to look at and modify. So, need 3 views: staff, admin, and parents.

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