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    Andy Ingham

    Hi Ken,


    I’m really sorry, I’ve fallen at the first hurdle. I tried to basically integrate the recently downloaded files into an existing solution I have, but none of the events show. I therefore followed the video step by step with a new file, and still nothing. I’ve even set the PHP rights up, which isn’t mentioned in the video.

    I also have a major problem of FM version clashes. I have a number of versions on my machine as I do still need these for development. When I interact with the Webview calendar in 17, it tries to open 16 and fails. When I open the file in 16 it says I don’t have the privileges to do whatever it’s trying to do.

    I’ve included the new file I created


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    Hi Andy,

    Are you sure you’re following the right video? PHP rights is at timestamp 3:22 in the video for Server-Side integration.

    Confirm that you’re following the right instructions as standalone is completely different. Make sure you’ve also installed soSIMPLE software on your server and tested the installation where the instructions suggest.

    The second issue you’re having is actually two issues –

    1. The default for FMP is not always set properly by the FileMaker 17 installer, which is why you’re launching FMP16 by accident. Here’s more details with a fix for that issue:

    2. The user working in your app must have FMURLSCRIPT privilege set. See more information here:

    This is mentioned on the integration instructions page, but not in the video itself.


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