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    Hi Ken,

    Is it possible to pull back into FileMaker (either as global variables or directly into fields) the range of dates being viewed by the user?

    I have other FM data I would like to view on the same layout as my web viewer displaying the calendar, but this data will change depending on the range of dates being viewed. So the dates in FM would need to be updated every time the user changes calendar views or just changes the dates they are looking at.



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    Just noticed your other post “Get the date FROM the web viewer”. This looks to be half of what I am looking for, but it only appears to return the first day in the range of dates being viewed. I.E. if I am viewing January 2017 in month view it will return 01/01/2017. Is there something similar that will return 01/01/2017 and 01/31/2017 in any format I can parse into separate dates?

    Thanks again!


    Get the date FROM the web viewer

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    Actually, it’s not even always the first day. It’s a day in the range that you’re looking at. So in month view, it could be any day in January.

    So by using both the mode and date that comes from that call, you can determine the beginning and end date. Typically the three ranges will be day, week & month. The exceptions to that are the custom timeline (“mode=timeline”) which you define, and maps which will always show “mode=map” regardless of the range showing.

    Here are all modes:

    We can also create some custom code to launch a script with specific parameters every time you change the view, if that helps. But I think the above should do it for you.

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    Thanks Ken! I will explore this option.

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