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    Victoria Owen

    This week our SoSimple Calendar stopped working. On Monday the calendar was blank but now it is displaying the error ‘ERROR: XML ERROR: Not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1

    Please be sure you’ve chosen a valid Calendar. Calendar “1-2-063626814172-0000000-03333_006690201842780” doesn’t match any calendar.

    I don’t believe we’d made any changes to our system in the past week. This calendar is set up as a server-powered client-side script.

    Thank you any assistance you can offer.

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    It sounds more than likely that your PHP engine has stopped on your FileMaker Server.

    Go to the soSIMPLE URL, without the parameters (https://<yourserver>/sosimple/sosimple_cal.php) and see if you have a more descriptive error at the bottom of that page.

    Have you tried rebooting FileMaker Server, or restarting the Web Publishing Engine? You can do that using the command line on your server:


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