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    First thank you for your great work on SoSimpleCalendar.

    I need for my customer (a music school) to handle 250 teachers who deliver several group and private lessons to around 100 students in 20 différents rooms. My goal would be to be able to provide a calendar for each of those ressources for them to know where and with who the lesson will be. So an event can have for sure more than a ressource (sometime 3 but sometimes 20).

    Do you think it would be possible to customise SoSimple Calendar for this king of demand. And what would be a track to get trough.

    Thanks in advance for your answer



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    Are you already using your own FileMaker database?

    I would start with the integration outlined here.

    When we talk about resources in soSIMPLE, we’re specifically talking about the columns and the rows that you want to show on the calendar at the same time. The calendar can certainly handle all your 250 teachers as a resource, for example, but I don’t think it would be useful to show all of them at once. It’s probably far too many rows to be able to visualize. At first glance, I would think the rooms are the resources – students and teachers can still be assigned to events, but don’t need their own columns.

    Having said that, we have a great many ways to filter your calendar that will allow you to easily visualize the groups of teachers you’re trying to coordinate.

    You also mention allowing individuals to know who they’re teaching with. By adding a URL Filter to your calendar, you can choose to show just a single teacher’s events, along with columns or rows for each room (if that’s convenient for you).

    Once you’ve filtered the events for a single teacher (or parent/student, for that matter) you can quickly provide web access to the calendar for those people, without web direct, and without using up FileMaker licenses.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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