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    FJ Duy

    Considering purchasing your Calendar program for the Team license.  When creating an event, am I allowed to create a field or two within this view and link them to other tables in my solution?  Trying to understand how easy or difficult it is to do this.  Basically, as we plan our production week for each machine, I want the ability to cross reference open sales order information from a different table within my solution.  In addition, I want to insert a button where one can click on the sales order number to get item by item detail via a different layout outside of your calendar.

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    Yes, you have complete ability to customize your ap the way you want it.

    There are two ways to use soSIMPLE calendar –

    1) Use our starter file (the “soSIMPLE Calendar.fm12” file), and build on top of it. We recommend this only for the most simple solutions. You will have the developer password to change whatever fields, layouts, relationships, scripts you want. All layouts are native FileMaker layouts except for the calendar grid itself. A single script controls the action anytime you click, drag, or double-click a calendar event.

    2) Use our 5-minute integration method. With this method you embed the calendar right within your solution. We recommend this for anyone who already has an app in place, or who want to design their system themselves. Still uses all your own layouts, scripts, and so on, so you can modify it however you want.

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